Sunday, March 12, 2017

6 Smart Ways Small Businesses can Engage in Community to Grow Sales

Small businesses do not exist in vacuum. They are an integral fabric of the community in which they operate, which is why it is important for them to be part of the community and get involved in community activities. Giving back to the community that gives them business is a powerful marketing tool, much more important than a catchy jingle or witty saying. Getting involved in the community and giving back demonstrates their commitment to the customers that are part of that community. So what are the ways in which small business owners engage in the community? Here are six powerful tips.

  • Establish Grants
  • Many organizations set up grants to help those that are less fortunate. This is usually seen in much larger corporations that have incredible surplus income. People like Bob Parsons Godaddy set up a number of grants through foundations that can benefit a wide scope of those that need assistance. Instead of the money sitting idle in a bank account somewhere, untapped funds can build a stronger society through education and medical relief.
  • Make Regular Donations
  • For some companies, it doesn’t take much to set aside a regular stream of donations using net income each month. Of course larger corporations may have to contend with stockholders as this could reduce overall profits. However, the returns in media coverage and reputation could be great enough to increase practices and sales. More potential customers may identify with a company that cares about it’s community. Strengthening society benefits future sales as more people may have the money to buy goods in the long run.
  • Sponsor Local Educational Contests
  • Inspiring young minds may be one of the most important roles. Some companies will offer everything from college tuitions to buying equipment and instruments for classes or students that excel. As many school districts don’t receive enough money annually, some activities that engage students are cut. The surplus income from a business can be used to help give children a more engaged scholastic experience outside of out-dated books and broken down equipment.
  • Participate in Food Drives
  • Every holiday season, many communities put together food drives to help feed those that are in households below poverty level and the homeless. Realize that a single can of pasta is more than many people eat in a day. Even as little as one hundred dollars worth of food can impact a household in profound ways.
  • Sponsor of Youth Activities
  • As mentioned earlier, engaging the youth in a community is vastly important for growth within society. By sponsoring youth activities such as sports, you give the children something to look forward to while educating young minds about sportsmanship and teamwork. The lessons they learn during these activities may follow them into adulthood improving employee efficiency as well as strengthening self-confidence.
  • Engage Other Businesses in Charitable Contest
  • Companies often compete in various sports and activities in local leagues. Why not set up a charitable contest as well? With the right media coverage, you could help create awareness for various charities while encouraging others to donate. If all goes well, it could become an annual thing where participating businesses could get more exposure while helping those in need.

As a leader in the community, you can make an impact to improve the lifestyles of those that purchase your goods. While generosity itself is a worthy endeavor, the media coverage alone could impact customers more than the most amazing of commercials. Do what you can to perpetuate a healthy society and reap the benefits from a more stable economy through assistance.

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